Mobile A/C hose

The future of reliable A/C and Refrigeration hose is here today.

In virtually every industry, OEMs and vehicle manufacturers are searching for ways to reduce their environmental footprint without making sacrifices in productivity. While some mobile equipment manufacturers continue to build systems using existing R134a refrigerant, many will soon turn to the next generation of refrigerant gas, R1234yf, a refrigerant developed to reduce GHG (green house gas) emissions and support sustainability. Now, vehicles using both R134a, R1234yf and other common mobile refrigerant types can achieve a whole new level of performance with the next generation of mobile refrigerant hose: Eaton GH001 EverCool™ A/C Hose.

Patent-pending design virtually eliminates permeation.

GH001 EverCool A/C Hose is an SAE J2064 Type E hose that features a patent-pending, twolayer construction. The core tube consists of a dual-extrusion veneer bonded to a second layer, minimizing effusion while maximizing oil and refrigerant compatibility. This results in a kink and wear-resistant hose that experiences nearly zero permeation or potential gas loss over time. In testing, GH001 outperforms all competitive products in the three areas that matter most to Eaton customers:

  • Temperature range
  • Permeation
  • Kink resistance and flexibility

Extreme performance in the most extreme environments.

Whether it’s keeping operators cool on a hot day or maintaining stable temperatures for the cargo they’re transporting, reliable A/C and refrigerant hose is a must in every climate. GH001 EverCool A/C Hose features the widest operational temperature range of any hose in its class. While the max SAE-specified temperature is rated for 125°C, GH001 performs from -40°C up to +140°C. In addition, even in direct sunlight, its UV-resistant hose cover contributes to an incredibly long hose life. Contact your Eaton sales representative and upgrade to GH001 Evercool A/C hose today.

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