Quick Disconnect Couplings Master Catalog

Eaton Quick Disconnect Couplings – Customizing Solutions for the Future… Hydraulics and Beyond .

For over 90 years, Eaton has continued to manufacture and supply the highest performing quick disconnect couplings globally for many different market segments including agriculture, construction, transportation, and fire and rescue just to name a few. Eaton’s quality and performance have never been compromised when it comes to engineering and manufacturing its full line of quick disconnect couplings. From traditional industry standards to custom couplings for the next generation of emerging markets and new advanced technologies, Eaton continues to provide quick disconnect coupling solutions to meet your demands.

Custom Design Capability – One Application at a Time

Eaton continues the tradition of developing custom quick disconnect couplings for customers that need a product to perform above and beyond industry standards. Whether it is a custom coupling for the world’s most powerful and sophisticated super computers that use electronic cooling or a self contained breathing apparatus coupling for first responders, Eaton has the ability to work directly with you on a solution. Contact Eaton to see how our dedicated and experienced design engineering team will work with you to develop a quick disconnect coupling solution.

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